Monday, November 30, 2009

Being pissed at Obama

As I have stated before, I have trouble with the stands, absence of stands, and just lolly gagging of the president at times. I am not satisfied.

Slate has a story that wants to praise him. AMERICAblog wanted to know if you agreed.

Obama has wisely deferred some smaller, politically hazardous battles over issues such as closing Guantanamo, ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," and fighting the expansion of Israel's West Bank settlements. Instead, he has saved his fire for his most urgent priorities—preventing a depression, remaking America's global image, and winning universal health insurance. Chow time indeed, if you ask me.

No, and yes. You see I have to be realistic. I am very unsatisfied, but I know that all things are not possible, particularly in party without purity tests, larger tents, and at least a hope of open dialogue. So I try to be somewhat conciliatory. BUT... The president may yet get a bill passed on health care reform. And as I have said before their is a certain love of this idea. A bill. Or, any bill. If a bill passes, and it is about reform, you have success. Will it be universal? How many will have access? How soon will help come? Those on the outside, will they be made to pay by insurers? Is just passing a bill enough?

But noted in the article, and generally forgotten, the stimulus helped stem the worse, investment in banks (as badly done as it has been) helped prop up our system...for now. Was it enough? No. More control and more demands for real reform and responsibility in banking was needed. More money towards stimulus was needed (And we are still awaiting a second go as some promised...How long should I hold my breath on that?). But good was done. Utter disaster was prevented. Unemployment is horrible right now. But it could have been far worse. We should not forget this.

Also or image abroad has changed a good deal. But we still are doing things today that bothered before. The secret prisons are still out there. Or deals with devils are there. And we still strike into countries without even blushing or giving a shy backwards glance. The new car smell doesn't last forever.

I appreciate what has been done. But why should that be enough. I want more. I'm a greedy bastard.

Politco also looks at the president. They see seven dangerous stories that could be cemented around the president. As AMERICAblog notes, these are just memes. It would be nice if the media resists embracing memes...but they go to them like cats to catnip.

Let's look at these memes. First one, he thinks he's using Monopoly money. Tax and spend liberals. How is he even suppose to avoid this? If you don't have an R behind your name, you are tarred with this. Polls show that people are already inclined to see him in this light among conservatives. It is a no win. Embrace going cheap on reform, stimulus, and advancing national interests and you still get treated as if you blew the national budget on magic beans. Of course, Politico thinks the answer is to try and be more responsible, and that this is why polls and independent support is down. Not the attacks, smears, and fear tactics? Media help there would have been nice. But, as AMERICAblog notes, where was the White House, explaining why and where stimulus and bailouts were going, doing, and meaning. We've needed more of this.

Second, too much Leonard Nimoy? Too much abstraction. What would be nice is more connection on issues. I like a thoughtful and analytical leader. But he is in politics and it does rub some the wrong way.

Third, he's doing things the Chicago way...Really? When? I mean. They have shoved liberals, grassroots sorts, and other progressives. But where has this been in policy? And he buys people off? He makes deals, like every president. This meme is only taking hold among people who would spend a three day weekend in line to get an autographed Sarah Palin bio. When they call into a radio show is the only time you hear this mentioned.

Fourth, he's weak. Odd, following the last point, but memes can be funny that way. But his seemingly unwillingness to fight for many progressive causes is building some concern. No backing for NARAL, no real stand for gay rights, no real solid stands on health care reform. It is spectacularly unimpressive. But if it got solid results great. But what seems to be coming of these results?

Fifth, he's beholden to the UN. Please. This is on par with the Chicago method talk. This is the gossip exclusively of the Sarah Palin/Alex Jones/Lou Dobbs/Glen Beck fringe of society. And they need to help to embrace this and other ideas...They just know it.

Sixth, Pelosi is in charge. Who even thinks this? And if it is a matter of the House leading the way to some change...and? This is more about the evil hag image that is cultivated by conservatives and their friends, and those that just like to mock a guy that might be rivaled by a woman. The only way he'd be worried, or the media would get excited about the story is if she might run for the presidency. She isn't going to do that. I'd be worried if he was pushing ahead with a grand progressive list of programs and she could block him. He isn't

Finally, he loves himself. It is mostly crap. If the president is not out and talking, he's hiding from questions. He comes out to talk, he's overexposed and not working. Another no win in the media. One way it is a concern is in how he and the White House do there work from here on out. Are they more concerned about looking above it all? Do they want to be seen firstly as bipartisan, or nonpartisan.

And as AMERICAblog notes, they risk being a group that thinks they are the smartest kids in class, and you should just go away and have a juice box while they work. That would not be good. There was a brain trust with Kennedy and Johnson that just dug themselves a huge hole in Vietnam. Worth remembering.

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