Monday, November 09, 2009

Giving a little credit

I have been a bit hard on the History Channel...not that they haven't deserved it...but I want to give some credit.

In the midst of the Kennedy Conspiracy week dreck they did have one good show. Kennedy: Beyond the Conspiracy. A whole show that actually tears through the claims and inaccuracies to get to the realities of what happen and what is actually known. Really, with all the conspiracy shows on it is a breath of fresh air to watch that. And the way it tears into the Stone JFK film is just a joy. They even had it on a few times that the midst of hour after hour of the other stuff...

But I like it and they should do more legit history...they might learn to like it. There is one other show I saw once. On History Channel again, it was on right after this one, back a few years. It also looked at the claims of how Oswald couldn't have done it, or been at certain places (There is no way he could have walked ...minutes...). They tested those claims only to show that, actually, he could do it and he could then be at the places he was seen. Again, dealing with facts. I notice they didn't show that one.

But they had an interesting minute by minute show with the actual things airing as the assassination happened, and as the sad day proceeded, up to Oswald's later death. It was actually quite evocative, drawing you into the time in this country. Try doing more stuff like these. HC, try reality and history, instead of paranoia and pure myth.

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