Monday, November 16, 2009

Remember when?

TPM: McCain wants you to rip up your AARP cards.

Remember when John McCain seemed occasionally sensible? You could talk to him and interact and coordinate. Then he ran for the presidency and sold out. Well that is over and one might have thought, like Dole and others that he would step back a bit. But more like John Kerry he acts like he has a shot of running again and is still talking in the same manner.

And now this. Hey the old disabled guy at the front wants you to cut ties with the group that lobbies for older Americans, and works with Republicans and Democrats. He would be fine if they just supported Republicans, but the Dems? That is just treasonous. So yeah, listen to the old guy up front on health care and insurance...the guy with both federal and veteran health care insurance...and millions of dollars in the bank...and the other lobbyist calling him and his party demanding certain stands...He's the way. He must speak the truth...When has he ever lead you to something wrong?

Update: Crooks and Liars has a clip from last year when McCain was praising AARP. Hack!

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