Monday, November 23, 2009

Antievolution claims

One of the favorite claims of those that don't want to accept the science behind evolutionary theory is about just how evil Darwin and those that accept evolution are.

Which means, bringing up Nazis. The claim is always that, first, Nazi's embraced Darwin and evolution, and then hated on all those lovely Christians. Amazing how a predominantly Christian nation like Germany can instantly be non Christian.

As they noted on the Atheist Experience blog, the list of books and works that the Nazis banned and burned would seem to suggest otherwise.

Apparently they just didn't like many works related to Darwin. But also they did not care for those that ridiculed or besmirched Christianity or the faith.

So they were burning works of Jews, ones about Darwin, and those that challenged Christianity...but they were really all about all things Darwinian and anti-Christian...really.

UPDATE: The Axp blog has been notified of a cute video on YouTube that takes that original post and puts it to music with an old news reel style imagery.

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