Sunday, March 23, 2008

More on being EXPELLED

Now, on the one hand this gives Stein and the film's producers more publicity. But the True Believers will be blind to all but their most fervent and base beliefs. And it is nice to talk and discuss and just see and show how much crap these guys are spouting. has a clip from a discussion where Expelled is discussed by PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins.

Here are some more views.
PZ Myers goes into the topic a little more, and covered his history with Mathis, and his vitriol towards Myers.
The New York Times has weighed in, and they contacted the producers of Expelled…and what do you know, they're still scrambling to find a credible story. They haven't succeeded yet.


Here is a clip from Expelled which apparently inflames the fans. I don't know why. Science over faith, religion as a minor piece of life. It's not as if he's advocating criminalization.

Oh,wait maybe not, (PZ Myers notes.) but the quote comes from people who think people walk on water, the world in 1000's of years old, and that the Flintstones should be on the History Channel.

This is terrible. I've kept her under the radar for so long, and now this recent incident has blown her cover.

Shocking information has reached us that PZ Meyers trophy wife (paid for by the tax payers of state of Minnesota) was taking names of the movie goers to, and I quote her words, "be put first in line for the gas chambers once we overthrow the Constitution". That is correct, this state funded mistress was making a list of local Christians for eventual extermination.
All that money invested in her ninja training, wasted.
Can you say, Coo Coo? Taking names and pointing, don't people know that the scientist implanted trackers when the masses were vaccinated and don't need to be so primitive as to point...WE KNOW ALREADY.

And they say TV rots the brain, that bible is a nastier than sugar on the teeth.

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