Friday, March 07, 2008

Stepping up and shouting out

It is true that the media are much more likely to declare a "controversy" about a Democrat due to the existence of things such as America's Assignment Editor, Matt Drudge, who happens to be a conservative Republican activist. But it's also the case that our elected officials are often slow to step into these things when the opportunities present themselves. A little late, but it's good that Pelosi actually chimed in on Hagee.

This is a common issue. It is important for the big figures to be out there and calling Republicans on all of the garbage they are mired in.

And this is also true for atheist and skeptics. Who goes to get on TV, to write op eds, or to who write and email to complain. The pious almost seem to have time for nothing else. And all the cranks, conspiracy theorist, etc are always in the middle of science stories, spouting anti vaccine misinformation, climate change hooey and creationist/ID bollocks.

People with authority need to speak up on politics, science, and for the secular society.

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