Friday, March 07, 2008

The unenviable position.

Firedoglake is looking at the Pew Center poll on Dem vs Rep.

Like the polls showing McCain falling behind the two Democrat candidates, this does not bode well for McCain or the other Reps.

"Please tell me if you think the REPUBLICAN Party or the DEMOCRATIC Party could do a better job in each of the following areas. Which party could do a better job of [see below]?"

Foreign policy: Democrats +5

Immigration: Demorats + 5

Iraq: Democrats +10

Taxes: Democrats +12

Morality: Democrats +10

Economy: Democrats +19

Education: Democrats + 29

Health care: Democrats +30

Reforming government: Democrats +25

Energy: Democrats +34

Environment: Democrats +44
Notice the results outside the norm.

Foreign policy, Iraq, Immigration, Taxes, Morality, Iraq...

And what is McCain going to be doing here? Spout all the talking points that got the Republicans in this spot. He has taken contrary positions in the past, but has long since sold those positions out to get this nomination. So this he has positioned himself in a position to either hold to the failed planning, or to be open to being called out as a flip flopper.

Then he might get mad.

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