Monday, March 31, 2008

Religious Right continues to stumble over itself racing to suck up.

Here's a shocker, religious loudmouths going back on rhetoric after they feel the change in the direction of the power. In the 90's the Religious Right stood up and started to make demands. Is this the start of a move back to their old place, at the back of the RNC tent, silent and ignored, waiting to be told what to do by the politicians and campaigners?

Crooks and Liars:

Here’s what James Dobson said about John McCain early last month:

Should Sen. McCain capture the nomination as many assume, I believe this general election will offer the worst choices for president in my lifetime. I certainly can’t vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama based on their virulently anti-family policy positions. If these are the nominees in November, I simply will not cast a ballot for president for the first time in my life.
Now, Dobson’s changing his tune. Focus on the Family action just sent a “special alert” to its backers, with a subject line that retracts Dobson’s vow to stay home come Election Day: “Dr. Dobson: ‘I Will Certainly Vote’.” Here’s what the alert says:

Dr. James Dobson told Sean Hannity on Sunday night he is going to vote in the November election – ending weeks of speculation that he would sit on the sidelines over his policy disagreements with the two major parties’ candidates for the White House.
Weeks of speculation that he would sit on the sidelines? That wasn’t speculation. That’s what Dobson said.
Wait, you’re expecting him to stand by his words? *snort* Is it me, or is everything surrounding McCain just one giant set of flip flops?

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