Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On a light note

CNN has Kyra Philips doing a light story today from Iraq.

Due to the lack of doctors in Iraq...oh, isn't that cute? ...people are turning to traditional cures...

Again, a light story, so the story surrounds the wonder of 1000 year old herbal cures and the eagerness of locals to get and use them, and declare them successful. The guy doing this even denounced chemicals for herbs...Apparently, doctors around Baghdad are starting to send more and more patients to this guy, cause his cures are so great.

Now, I notice she doesn't actually talk to local doctors about this, but this, first, a happy stories ( too few doctors, forced to return and starting to embrace ancient remedies and blow off medicine - it reminds me of the light stories of the early days where poor struggling American towns where sacrificing to send school goods to Iraq - Why wasn't the US, or another, government on this as opposed to people who could ill afford to give so much?), and second, she jokes with the newsreader at the end and the newsreader suggests they expand the herbalist into the US and franchise him....yeah...we need more of that here. Also she compares this guys business and franchising it to...Red Bull. Now, I do not drink that, but, as I understand, it is a very caffeinated carbonated beverage...and this guy is selling claimed cures for stones, diabetes, etc. And ironic, since CNN ran a story that called into question the impact of energy drinks on the body.

Maybe they are making light of the story and the herbs popularity in Baghdad. But then they are also laughing at the lack of medical aid in country. They are laughing at peoples desperation and ignorance. They are chuckling as people abandon science and medicine. And they laugh as they give this crap a seal of approval.

Yeah, keep chuckling guys.

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