Monday, September 29, 2014

Gotham - What to see in Episode 1

Gotham started to last week in much the way you'd imagine. Along the way we were introduced a lot of sights tried to Batman and Gotham lore.

Gotham City

The skyline of Gotham is hard not to race to. As a fan it is always a pleasure to see the city represented.

The looming buldings of wealthy and power.

The lesser structures most of the citizens live. It is beautifully shoot.

The now iconic rooftop dwellers. The show is making an effort to make sure we see plenty of the gargoyles and architecture of the city. In the panning shots they took while film, they've made a point of adding plenty of treats to set the very Gotham atmosphere.

And then we have landmarks. I don't know if it's been said to be so, but some have suggested the "Z' should mean Maxie Zeus, a man who will end up a rogue of Batman.

Then there's the Gotham Waterfront, where so many crimes will go down.

And Wayne Manor.

It's a pleasure to see the city brought to life.

Crime in Gotham

Crime is getting out of hand in the city. The city and it's services are being pushed to a breaking point.

The Waynes

Ah, the Waynes. It wouldn't be Gotham without them.

The Waynes have some presence. Not clear if we have the Wayne Foundation, or Wayne Enterprises, etc. May be some mixture. I had hoped to glimpe a building with "Wayne" on it, or a big "W". Maybe in future episodes.

And the family: Martha, Bruce, and Thomas.

Then we get the required canon of events. Robbery.

The now iconic dropping pearls.

Bruce Wayne in shock surrounded by his dead family.

I guess this is also our introduction to Crime Alley to.

We then see the burgeoning Bruce Wayne 2.0.

"Rebooting for vengeance."

Also, Alfred Pennyworth. He's not a Wayne by blood, but he is part of the family.


We are introduced to the police, the center of the show. It's warts and all.

I'd say them mass beating a disarmed arrestee was an example of the corruption in the GCPD...but it's not exactly that unknown on too many real police forces.

And Harvey Bullock. The fallen cop. He is clearly highly capable. But he's just accepted the status quo.

He also has some twisted and long history with Fish Mooney (see further down). How far back does he know her?

James Gordon. A newly minted detectives. He thankfully isn't yet taken with big mustaches or smoking pipes.

Renee Montoya. Major Crimes Unit. Gordon's fiancee's ex. At least they aren't hiding the characters actual preference in this show. I do hope she and Gordon come to an accord before too long.

Crispus Allen. Montoya's partner. Going back to Gotham Central these two are partners with contentious issues.

I am not expecting him to become the Spectre in the show. Or for Montoya...I could see her turning a basic kind of vigilante, I guess. Just not a certain faceless one.

Lastly, we meet Sarah Essen. Gordon and Bullock's boss. I guess we'll see where time taxes her.

Selina Kyle

Selina Kyle is a kid on the streets of Gotham. She's been out for awhile and has developed skills. Also, she' taken on certain looks I'm used to seeing on a more modern Catwoman. But if you found some night vision goggles as a kid, you wouldn't use them?

But she isn't perfect yet. She still has some rough spots. Her pickpocketing style is rough. Or, she's overconfident enough to not use enough caution, and instead relies on her speed and dexterity to bridge the gap.

And she already has a soft spot for strays, particularly cats.

Edward Nygma/Riddler

Partially tied to the GCPD above, it is still Nygma. He's clearly obsessed with riddles, being superior, and...that's his life. How fragile is his psyche?

Bullock is astute about him. He needs to get some help.

Oswald Cobblepot/The P-Word

Cobblepot is an eager crime society climber. He has that face, his pride, and a psychotic temper. He seems to be embracing the more modern view of the character that is eager to be part of the criminal set, and rule over it.

...Ivy Pepper

The name is awkward. But I can think of a number of ways to explain it away, and see her being Pamela Isley when she's an adult. Based on the first pictures, I didn't realize how little a kid she'd be. And she's seems a little obsessed with her plants.

Gotham's Mob

What is Gotham without it's mobsters?

Carmine Falcone. The boss of bosses.

Fish Mooney. She is a new character, but perhaps, like new characters from other Batman shows, she'll become part of comic mythos some day. (Like Batgirl, Renee Montoya, Harly Quinn, a resurrected Alfred, etc.)

And I guess we'll be seeing the Maroni family before long. Will we see a mob war?

Criminals, the weird and the ill.

Criminals in Gotham are unique. Some are nasty work. Some are clinically insane. Some need therapy and/or meds. Some like to dress up for work.

The first episode gives us a taste. A mob killer that likes his work a bit too much.

Nope! Out! This isn't silent hill.
A guy that clearly is a police issue largely due to lacking necessary medication.

Barbara Kean

Future wife to James Gordon. Future mom to another Barbara who will go into crime fighting. What else will she be revealed as this season?

Also she lives in a clock tower, like her daughter will someday.

Gotham Gazette

The Gazette has been part of Batman for years now. And, it was once where Perry White worked...In case they need an idea for Season 3.


Finally we have our comedians. The show wants to mess with viewers with a series of comedians that could be the future Joker. Eh.

As with any character they might want to add to the show from Batman lore, just make sure you have an interesting idea or use.

As it is we've gotten a taste of life in Gotham. Mostly a taste of the bad, from bad cops to bay guys. We'll have to see what else the city has to offer, and if any of it is familiar.

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