Friday, September 26, 2014

Trailers in Short - Bit Of Horror With Your Coffee Edition

Time for some horror, right? Good. Plenty of horror movies are coming out, in the US and around the world. From Blood Glaciers to Camp Dread to Goal of the Dead to My Fair Zombie. 6 horror trailers to sate you for the day.

...I got to be honest. Maybe it's some of these movie trailers, or maybe it's me. But rewatching and looking at some of them, you can see why you'll likely never fear about some of them again. ...It is me, isn't it. Grump. Grump.

Blood Glaciers

Don't know what to make of this one. Kind of looks like The Thing, but in a slightly warmer environment. Hard to tell if it looks like a movie that tries hard and succeeds Or if it fails.

Camp Dread

This looks dumb. But with a bunch of troubled kids being kept at a camp, where they have to compete for money, and a killer going around...Yeah. It feels under inspired.

This movie should be a dumb fun type of slasher movie where you get some interesting characters to try and figure out or root for their survival. Everything, including the dialogue seems rather generic.

Dracula Untold

Hey. Another take on Dracula. ...Can't complain, I try to be open to interesting takes on vampire lore. And it's Universal. They are eager to restart their classic horror franchises. Guess we'll see if this fits into their newer plans.

As a movie, it is fine. It feels like it's borrowing a bit from Coppola's Dracula. It isn't a perfect fit, as even in the trailer you can see it deviates from that Dracula origin story. But it is taking on the idea of Vlad Tepes. And it seems to suggest he was a sweet family guy before... Eh.

Though going the route of the nice family man fighting the dastardly Muslim invaders...We'll see how that goes.

But once he's the vampire, is there any jeopardy? Not from the Turkish forces. He seems to force massive hands in the sky that can slam down on whole columns of soldiers.

I guess the movie will go more into how his own people turn on him, and the cost to his family. How he'll be corrupted and pushed.

I guess my qualm is that of all the Universal Monsters, Dracula is the one I find myself with the least sympathy for. So when a movie like this, or Coppola's, tries to make me feel for Dracula I just have a problem doing it.

But it may still prove to be an interesting and entertaining tale of a man consumed by dark power. Could be a good October movie.

Goal of the Dead

Zombies and Soccer. Are we just getting to this point? This could be goofy good, or painfully bad. They have some jokes about the zombie destruction, and how it could just be the aftermath of soccer hooliganism. ...Okay, it made me laugh.

Also the idea of a soccer team trying to survive against deranged zombified fans...It's silly enough to make me really want to watch it.


Okay, a young woman has a serious history of breaking the law, but the law wants to try and rehabilitate her. Okay? So they give her house arrest, at her mom's large home, and therapy. Okay?

The house turns out to be haunted. And it's after her. And the courts and police don't believe it's haunted so they want let her leave.

So we get a horror comedy with a woman with an attitude, her mom, and some goofy ghost investigators trying to take on a bunch of deadly ghosts.

Again, this is another one that feels like it might just be hitting that comedy and horror blend. And I do have a soft spot for New Zealand and Australian Horror/Comedy.

My Fair Zombie

We've had Pride and Prejudice and Zombies...So why not! And you've already seen that Selfie is coming to TV, so why not?!

This could be so ridiculous that it could be enjoyable. It could also be amazingly bad.

It looks to clearly be a small production. so I wouldn't hold a lot of issues against it. And it looks better than many lower budget films I've come across....But it does look silly. At the same time I feel like I have to give them credit for the fact that they went there and seem to have made a musical of sorts.

It's be a big bonus if it actually has an ending different from My Fair Lady. That musical has a downer ending.

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