Saturday, September 27, 2014

Trailers In Short - Horror TV Edition

Horror on TV...Okay I have to be honest. I had others shows to talk about, but I was delayed in releasing this post...

So, hey, let's look at a not that new new show, Spooked? (Okay, and also something special afterwards.)


Spooked seems like a fun online comedy show. It seems to have some familiar and unfamiliar faces tied to it. Together they look like they create a humorous collection. Their group, PIT, chases down paranormal phenomenon to study and help people. ...You know, like most paranormal shows on cable these days...Except it's actually trying to be funny.

The series seems like an excellent option for this October. It should be something to scare you and then make you laugh, at night on your own, or with your friends around.

Check  it out.

And here's episode 1, for your perusal.

Episode 1

Currently their are 4 episodes and some bonus video available from Spooked via Geek and Sundry.

Re-Animator the Musical

So this exists. Granted from Evil Dead the Musical to Carrie the Musical, this shouldn't be that surprising. Still, I had to watch two trailers for it to have it really sink in that they tried to bring this to life. (See what I did there? Brilliant!) Take a look yourself, and see if you can believe this exists...and you could possibly stage it yourself.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Now there's some stuff you can never unsee now.

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