Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Fall!

It is that time of year! The leaves are starting to turn. Those sunny and warm days we did have this summer are shifting to being cooler. The birds are getting antsy and stocking up for a trip.

It's Fall.


Taste the pumpkin! Anywhere! Everywhere! Savor it!!! For before you know it, they'll stop peddling it to us...But you really should enjoy some pumpkin pie, ice cream, and a shake or two...

Marvel at nature. As the trees prepare for the annual freeze, they cut off support to their leaves, which whither and die. Many die magnificently. Enjoy them.

As the leaves fall and dry, enjoy a walk among the leaves, and enjoy the shifting temperatures, and the nice crunch of leaves as you trod.

And as you look at those leaves, pull them into a pile and...

Just revel!

Live it!

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