Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Remember the Treehouse of Horror title sequence?

Let’s go back to 1990…

Have I already lost you bringing up ancient history? … This month we have the latest of the Treehouse of Horror coming on. It follows in a long proud tradition, going back to 1990. And that makes it…add a zero… The 200th!…Wait! My mistake. I didn't take into account the international dateline. Silly.

 But now, let’s go back. Back to the first Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror!  And let’s take a look at it’s title sequence.

They decided for this show to open with Marge walking out on a stage, through some curtains to make an announcement. It's a lot like some of the classic introductions done in movies of the past, where a man greets the audience (much like they would in many theatrics theater). He would sometimes, in horror films, offer warnings for those with weak hearts to leave. It was a ploy to build up excitement and tension.

Here though, The Simpsons has Marge come out to say how disgusting the show is this week. Then she suggests everyone just turn it off and do something else.

And we go to the titles.



As you can see, on the first run out, they were pretty tame. They didn't have much to prove or outdo. So they popped in a few jokes, reasoning that their main concern was getting into their stories.


Cornelius v Simpsons? From what I could see online it might be a reference to the Vanderbilts. Going with the esoteric writers? I respect that.


...Has Garfield been a ghost this whole time! Is that the twist of Garfield?! Do only Jon and Odie see him?! ...Does Garfield know? So much explained.


Yeah. So you can see all the jokes were silly the first time out. Grateful Dead are dead. Let's put in Casper's grave.

I'm not harping on them, but it's interesting to see where the creatively escalated from.



And quite quickly we shot out of the cemetery, and over to the Simpson's house. Because, hey, we're here for some comically scary stories.


And we pan over to the eponymous treehouse, where Bart and Lisa are telling scary stories, trying to outdo each other.

And so began a tradition.

During this episode we got the stories of...



As we continue, let's appreciate how the show has evolved this little idea over the last 24 years. …25 years.
Man, I have to work on my maths.

You may think the show is passed it’s prime, or better than ever, but marvel at the creative process of the TREEHOUSE OF HORROR.

Now on to Year II.


I've fixed the font issues that were making it harder to read.

Also, I've added a link to the next in the series. For the rest I will be adding links the following day when a new post is opened.

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