Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Horror Off...Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, In Short

Perhaps we have yet to escape Monday the 13th yet? What about more Jason Voorhees? And how do you top Jason fighting an X-Men?

Take him on tour, of course.

Following on in the line of silly things you can do with your horror franchise, 1989 brought us yet another in the Friday the 13th movie. Jason Takes Manhattan.

And in playing with expectations, the movie opens in New York Ciry, then spends most of the movie not in New York.

Quickly,we are back at Crystal Lake. And Jason is again awaken. A bit of electricity to his body at the bottom of the lake does the trick. (I don't know how this connects to whatever happen to Jason at the end of the last movie.)

Because electricity is magic. (And so is toxic waste.)

And soon Jason is up and hacking again.

But to change things up, Jason decides he needs a working vacation.

He isn't trying to climb onto the boat. He's trying to strangle it. It'll take him
about an hour to finish the boat off. Even Jason has his limits.

On a boat!

We get introduced to our future corpses.

And the nice clingy teacher.

Our Survivor.

Have I mentioned yet that she has a slight psychic ability, to see Jason's childhood self.

And her creepy clingy uncle.

They are heading to New York, from Crystal Lake, by boat. An amazingly well stocked boat. It seems to have everything...unless it would guarantee escaping Jason.

It makes for an interesting mess of characters mostly introduced to die. Also, New York comes towards the end of the film, So it is a little rushed. It's one plus is to watch someone try to out box Jason.

The clear low point of this movie, and the New York part, is that they manage to cram in an attempted rape into this movie. It's a slasher movie, I don't see what this adds to the feel or direction of the movie.

So it's the first hour of the movie that is what makes the movie worth seeing.

So knowing that, this is the movie to see if you've been dying to watch Jason see the sights and sounds of 80's New York.

"...Did someone take my wallet?"

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