Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Remember the Treehouse of Horror 22 title sequence?

After last year, will Treehouse of Horror XXII prove to be a much needed palette cleanser?

Let's find out.

We open on an odd sight. Dead Santa on a roof.

We pan away and see it's the Simpson's house. I guess it's been up there since last Christmas...wait?

We also see some nice callbacks and choices. The tombstones in the front yard honor characters that have died in the show.

Also, I may be totally wrong, but I was thinking that Lisa is dressed up in honor of Bleeding Gums Murphy. And Bart's an astronaut?

Ah! A man in a spacesuit who's carrying an alien embryo. Maggie pops out in costume. Nice. And a little callback to one of the good jokes from last time.

The kids are ready to enjoy their Halloween haul, but Marge appears. She's playing the whole of a witch that takes away candy and gives better things in it's place.

Like travel size mouthwash.

The kids are not happy, and walk away.

The next day Marge sends Homer with the candy. It's meant to be donated to the USO, so it can be sent to the troops.

But Homer drives by, feeling like every eye is on him. And then the music from the opening of Psycho plays. You may suddenly realizes that they are playing on how Psycho opens, with Homer running off with ill gotten gains.

He heads out of town to a more desertous area.

He heads off, singing.

And he misses a large chasm, which he falls into.

Down below, he has survived. But his hand is trapped. ...And you may notice a little similarity to another movie now.

Last time I did note how some jokes could badly date the show. With this...It still works. Even when people forget the movie they are borrowing from this joke will still work the same. Homer does something stupid and gets in a ridiculous situation.

Knowing that help could be almost half and hour away, Homer has a decision to make, Homer looksat the candy, which is just out of his reach. He has to get rid of his arm.

So he takes out his limb chewing teeth. And then he gets to work.

They don't show anything. But that's for a good reason. Homer chewed off the wrong arm.

And he tried again. But he misses the target a second time.

Finally he focuses (and apparently reattaches his limbs), and gets to work on the right arm.


But when he opens the candy bag, he finds something else. Veggies.

At home the kids are enjoying the candy that they stole back.

In the mix of candy in Bart's mouth we see out titles.

Oh, and Last Year's Episode? Never forget the "scary" names in the title sequence.

This is a far better opening than last year. Still not as good as XXII. But it is a decent opening. It has some fun creativity. And how can I not respect a shout out to Psycho?

This episode gives us...



Which gave us...




The show ends with everyone coming out and asking that people now quickly get out and spend for Christmas. Do it for America!

Now on to YEAR XXIII!

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