Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Frankenstein, MD (Web Series)

Among web series that can make some fun and interesting watching this October, I have to suggest this. Frankenstein, MD.

It comes from the PBS Digital Studios. What it enacts is a modern telling of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. But the title makes that obvious.

It deviates by making the focus Victoria Frankenstein (played by Anna Lore). She likes to talk like she is a full and proper doctor, but she isn't...yet. Just a little more work and the honor will go to her.

As she finishes her studies she delves into various areas of scientific interest, eager show her merit as a brilliant researchers. Along the way she is assisted by a fellow student, Iggy DeLacey (played by Steve Zaragoza).

The structure of the show is that she's making a web show, where she can showcase the wonders of science, and her research. Her experiments help shape where the show goes. This breaks the story of Frankenstein into episodes. The result is the tale of an eager almost doctor, her research, and how it starts to go out of control. Woe to Frankenstein, MD.

This may sound familiar to another book that was remade as an episodic take. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. This project comes from the same group, Pemberley Digital.

As usually, I like to see new and interesting takes on the classic horror tales. So an episodic tale of a web show that goes off into reanimated corpses and mad science is fun. (I can only hope some tries something similar to this with Dracula someday. I keep saying the book is tailormade to be done like this show right now.)

At present they are at episode 20. Frankenstein's research has reached that point. Victoria is dealing with the repercussions as to whether her creation is still in existence or not. Someone close to her has died, and she is terrified that the death may not have been the accident everyone thinks.

The whole show to the present can be watched on YouTube.

Here's the first two episode, if you'd like to give it a try.

Frankenstein, MD - Episode 1 - Introducing Victoria

Frankenstein, MD - Episode 2 - The Truth About Fake Blood

Watching the horror unfold may be a fun past time as we approach Halloween.


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