Thursday, October 02, 2014

Trailers In Short - Everything Old Is Reused Again Edition

Old ideas have long been drudged back up to use. Sometimes it's a creative choice. Sometimes it's a return to a classic. Sometimes it just boggles the mind. Let's see where Paddington the Bear, Mad Max, Moses, a woeful space station crew, the Equalizer, and...others fall on the scale.


Oh, Paddington. There is a slight cuteness to this trailer. But then we actually get to Paddington. He feels like so many modern takes on older kiddie characters...Just off.

Now I did actually go back to the old Paddington Bear cartoons to try and remind myself what he was like decades back. I am not as enamored of those shows now as I was as a kid. But it is hard not to see the differences.

This may well click with little kids. Ear wax. Flooding a bathroom and surfing out. But it does feel sad that most all studios have given up on the idea that kids can enjoy with stories that aren't wildly wilder stories of popular characters. (Did you see what they did to Postman Pat?)

I think the thing that was really most off putting about the trailer was that all the added wackiness makes iconic Paddington so much more like every other character put out for kids. He's been made more generic.

But, this may just be a horrible ad. Maybe better will follow.

Space Station 76

This ad does amuse. Playing on the 70's scifi quality offers promise. A dysfunctional ship crew. 70's attitudes. A sense of humor. It is promising.

Of couse, as a warning, I have heard this isn't a full representation of what the movie is like. It's is a humorous movie. But the comedy is very very dark. If you decide to see it, you will want to remember that. This isn't Spaceballs or Stripes in space. There will be darkness.

Mad Max: Fury Road

When I heard about this I assumed I couldn't possibly have anything good to say. Well, I was wrong.

This could be a enjoyable dystopic world tale. It'll be grim. There'll be a lot of hard driving and racing. And it looks like there will be plenty of violence.

But I look forward to seeing more of Tom Hardy playing the role. We don't see him doing much yet.

The Equalizer

Ah, The Equalizer. I remember when this was a TV show. Former British spy that becomes a hero for hire for those who've been wronged.

This looks to be a bit different. That's just as well. I don't know how well that would be replicated today. With the people involved, and having Denzel Washington starring, they have the ability to try something else. (Granted, you then have to ask why they have the name still. Perhaps it will owe to it's source than it appears to.)

Here he seems to be retired from service, and sometimes steps out a a just vigilante. Then things escalate with the mob. ...Who wouldn't want to see Washington as a retired superspy coming out of retirement to kick some ass?

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Oh, this thing. How do I even get passed the all white Eygpt and Jewish population of this movie? How do I? I like a lot of Ridley Scott's work. Probably more than a lot of people. But this? Eh.

Maybe the movie's grand spectacle will distract me?

Maybe it'll show how hellish the bible story is? So nasty stuff happens.


Speaking of Egypt...What is this? Apparently FOX almost put it on, then cancelled it.

But I can't help but notice that it's a "and a white man comes to save us" story. Can't say it will be missed. Yet I hate when a supernatural historic drama doesn't make it. Thankfully we still have some others to watch,

Metal Hurlant Chronicles

And while I was pulling some of these other trailers I came across this. I have never heard about it before and...What the hell?

Just what the hell?

Who's ever asked for a trailer to make any damn sense.

Oh, and get this. It's had two seasons so far. And it's been on SyFy. ...I clearly am paying attention to the right things.

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