Thursday, October 02, 2014

Remember the Treehouse of Horror 2 title sequence?

Continuing from the first post, let's look back to 1991, and the title sequence for the second of the Simpsons' Halloween Specials.

Much like the first time, the turn to Marge to open the show, offering her warning, before she just gives up on us.


Then we head back to the cemetery, much like the first year.



And back to the tombstones.


Like last time, we get some real and fictional graves. And some cultural jabs. (Take that, hippies!)


Take that cajun food...Anyone else remember the Cajun food craze...Stop making me feel old!


But they don't dwell on many jokes this year and move into the show proper...


(We also start getting the spooky joke names here.) And looks like we get a nod to the classic halloween special from the Peanuts gang.

We now get the structure for this year. Homer, Bart, and Lisa scarfing down Halloween candy (the best kind of loot) and getting nightmares.


It's a small shift in style to this one. But, as we'll see it will grown and change, so will prove better than others. But we'll see which ones you like best.

In this season's show we got...

"The Monkey's Paw"

Homer Simpson: Early adopter of the Doctor Who hate. Very early.

"The Bart Zone"

and "If I Only Had A Brain"

Now on to Year III.

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