Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Spooked (Web Series)

As I touched on earlier, Geek and Sundry has created a new series. Spooked.

They have currently made 4 episodes for the show.

It follows a team of Connor (the team lead, played by Julian Curtis), his little sister Piper (who can see and communicate with spirits, played by Shyloh Oostwald), Morgan (the team go to person on the occult, played by Ashley Johnson), Elliot (the overeager one, played by Derek Mio), and Lindsey (who is funding the team yet is a skeptic, played by Neil Grayston).

The team goes chasing after various paranormal troubles, while also addressing their own personal demons and issues. While they are chasing around things ranging from angry ghosts to UFO's, the series maintain a clear comic bend.

This show has a very nice quality to it. The cast slide into their characters well, and you do come to appreciate the craft on display. They play with a number of tropes, and allow the characters to expand some. By the end I was left lamenting there was not more.

It's a show that you have to check out and see of it clicks with you. If it does, this show could give you a couple of hours of laughs with your friends this Halloween.


Episode 1 - "Paranormal Professionals"

Episode 2 - "Mixed Signals"

Episode 3 - "Brotherly Departed"

Episode 4 - "Exorschism"

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