Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nostalgia - More Network Movie Premieres, Trailers in Short

Time to dive back into the wonderful world of Network Movie Premieres.

This time it's time to come for some Rock & Roll. It's time for the mask to go on. It's time for a break from all the work and no play. It's time for some ghost fog pirates. And it's time for us to get just get out of the water already! And then do it again!

And, while your at it, stay out of the sewers.

And did someone say Star Wars? No? Tough! You're getting it.

Kiss Meets the Phantom

In case this is only a punchline you've heard of. This does exist. And we all watched it.

Just what we all needed. KISS takes on an evil super villains, and his horror monster villains. Also their are evil KISS clones.

Not to worry, KISS has super powers. Isn't this how we all remember KISS?


Halloween, and it's first appearance on TV. Even better, it's a film that "contains elements of shock and suspense". ...If it only has elements of shock and suspense than the movie must have been really cut down.

The Shining

Ah, you better watch. This movie deals with the SUPERNATURAL. And you'll see a man that is possessed and trying to kill his family...Why did we even put this on TV?! It's going to be too much for all of you!!! ...Parental discretion is advised.

The Fog

...You know, this honestly makes me want to go watch The Fog.

Oh, and Jack Palance hosting Ripley's, AH! Didn't care about Football then, and I still don't. But That's Incredible has a Rubik's Cube contest. How is that not great TV...How can I be sarcastic towards it when it isn't far off what people watch online today?

And a trailer for Tales of the Gold Monkey...let's just not talk about that...Used to love that show.

Jaws 2

Jaw 2, edited and cut to fit on TV, how can that not make great viewing?!

And scientist Dirk Pierson will be on Merv Griffin? ...Okay I just love the name Dirk Pierson, And what's his degree in?

And a Datsun ad! Cause, yeah, Datsun's were so awesome... And, oh my god. I forgot those silly Liquid Drano ads. Geez.


The original Piranha movie. Does it look more or less silly than the newer versions?

And how about the Cartoon Robin the Boy Wonder/Shaggy voiceover, introducing the movie? Holy Fish Food!


Okay, I just put this here because...freaking Alligator. I have not seen that movie in ages. Giant killer gator deep in the sewers. I doubt Code Red and Today's FBI could even stop it! Ah, when the Big 3 TV networks vied to get movies on them.

...And it crashed through a concrete sidewalk! Oh, that is cheesy.

Star Wars TV premiere Introduction

Oh, Mark Hamill. The Force is strong with that perm. Still, if you want to so back to a time when we all freaked out about Star Wars being on TV.

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