Monday, October 13, 2014

The Horror Off...Friday the 13th Part VII: New Blood, In Short

Being the 13th of the month, it seems like a great time to head on down to Crystal Lake for about the best time you can expect when you go to a vacation hole most known for it's horrific body count. So slap on the sun screen, grab your water wings,and jump back to 1988.

Friday the 13th...Part VII...The New Blood.

Hey, hey. Let's not run away yet. It's one of the later movies. But, come on!

This one has Jason Voorhees battle against a pyschic girl. (Though I am not sure how old she's supposed to be. She actually looks like she's in her 20's.) Who doesn't want to see a psychologicaly traumatized woman battle an undead serial killer? Who?

But, yeah. She has "psychic powers". Pyrokinesis. Telekinesis. And she can sense things "out there".

And if you want to say that's ridiculous, I remind you the center of this movie franchise is a guy regularly hacked to bits, buried, and rising from the dead. In this movie you can see his spine poking out of his back.

Anyway, her mom wants to bring her to Crystal Lake to try and help her get over her past childhood trauma.

Her psychiatrist has her there for his own nefarious reasons.

And then we have the sacrifical victims! ...I mean teens at the lake for a good time...

"Why does everyone in town point and laugh at us?"

And Jason is just sitting at the bottom of the lake waiting to be invited to the party.

And then he finally gets invited.

Then the silly fun starts.

Que "Yakety Sax"!

"What...The hell?!"
"This is getting ridiculous."

"Come on! Now you're just picking on me!"

And Jason decides to never chase woman with psychic powers ever again.

Yeah. You have to see it to believe it's real.

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