Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Flash - Episode 3 - Things You Can't Outrun - "So what would he have become if they still hanged people?" *UPDATED*

Flash continues to pick up speed as Barry trumps a malicious multiplying monster, and now finds himself facing a dissipating danger which may be his end.

This week Barry faces a new type of trouble. An enemy that can become gas. In that form, he's poisonous as well.

With these abilities, he strikes out and kills a restaurant full of a mob family. Doesn't sound like the worst thing.

But killers are killers. So Barry and Joe need the science nerds of STAR Labs to figure out what they are dealing with. And they are excited to figure the new baddie out.

"You hang out with these people?" "I believe you left me with them for nine
months, comatose." "...Sorry."

The baddie, The Mist, escalated. He next kills a judge.

When they finally test some of his structure, Barry realizes that he's composed of the gases used in the Central City gas chamber. (Does any place in the United States still use gas chambers.) So they know it's the man that was being executed the night of the STAR Labs accident. That was a busy night, wasn't it?

They realize that he's killing the people who gave testimony on him, the judge that convicted him...and the cop that caught him. Joe West.

Luckily, Barry is on hand. And the STAR Lab team has created an antitoxin to treat the Mist's attacks.

Barry's dad also gets to see him in action. But he uses the classic Flash trick of vibrating his face so his dad wouldn't recognize him.

But Barry still has a problem. How can he beat a cloud of poisonous gas? Might have been nice if Barry had kept that breather mask the original costume had.

But the team works out the Mist's weakness. It is taxing to take a gaseous form. So it's hard to keep the form for very long. So Barry works to get Mist to get a really good workout, trying to kill him.

Finally, the Mist is just taxed out. Barry knocks him out. (Finally a villain isn't dead at the end.)

But what do you do with a man that won't stay solid? You have to build a better prison.

And Wells has a plan to do that.

"I really think we should worry about a lawsuit from the Xavier School."

The collider under STAR Labs offers the best chance to hold these people. And Wells has his people work to retrofit a pod in the great ring to hold a gaseous building.

"I really really think we should worry."

And it works to hold the Mist. But I wonder if he needs to be fed? Or go to the bathroom?

We also get a look back at the night of STAR Labs explosion.

We also meet Caitlin's fiance. Ronnie Raymond. He's a long time comic character.

As Wells celebrates the starting of his great experiment, his champagne starts to go all weird. It's like what Barry experience when he was hit by lightening and when his mom died.

Ronnie and Cisco run down to the collider to try and stop a disaster.

But Ronnie sees only one option. He goes into the collider, stops the larger problem. And Cisco seals the door behind them.

Caitlin is stuck on the other side of the door, trying to help. But Ronnie is caught in the blast.

Wonder what happen to him?

As the big event looms, Wells walks off. He opens his hidden door and steps in.

He lets down his guard.

Then he opens a video line and watches Barry Allen as he's struck by lightening.

He welcomes the future.

You can't help but notice that Wells has to have put all of these events into action. He caused a disaster. He caused deaths.

Or, he ushered in events that were already fated to happen. Maybe it's a matter of perspective.

But he seems to be savoring events.

Along the way,Caitlin is dealing with some of her issues going back to the disaster.

She lost her love that night. A death that came due to his heroics and willingness to sacrifice himself for others.

And now she's watching similar heroics. She's working on letting go of the past, and not fearing what may come.

Then we have Iris West. She's become very fascinated by the Flash, or the Streak, as he's known at the moment. She's following news about him. And she's blogging about him.

Watch out Barry! She may be "your biggest fan".

Iris also decides to finally stop hiding her relationship with Thawne. Instead of hiding it, they just let her dad know the truth. ...They wait until he's in the hospital, so it's safer.

What extras did we get? What I noticed at the start of the episode was the movie they came out of.

Will the Blue Devil become a hero soon?

Also, Rita Farr. As in Elasti-Girl.of Doom Patrol. Is this before, during, or the start of her film career? She started as an Olympic athlete.

I'll also add for anyone unaware and curious, Ronnie Raymond? Firestorm, the Nuclear Man. Just to be thorough.

NEXT TIME! Captain Cold! What more do we have to say?! It's Snart time!

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