Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Horror Of...The Uninvited (1944), In Short

Looking for some light and good horror movie fun to round out this week? An excellent choice would be a classic of haunted house movies. A house with two sides.

1944's The Uninvited.

The movie centers on two siblings from London. Roderick and Pamela Fitzgerald. And there dog.

The pair live together in London, but are away for a weekend at the coast. As they go rambling, they come across an empty old house. It's a grand thing.

Thanks to the dog, they end up inside the home, and become smitten with it.

Stricken by an impulse, they decide to try and buy the house. They visit the owners of the house, who live nearby. The house is owned by Commander Beech, who lives with his granddaughter Stella.

She's not eager for them to buy, and first tries to convince them it's not for sale. But Beech is of a different attitude. He wants done with the house.

He admits that their are stories that the house is haunted. But he doesn't believe in ghost. Still, to get rid of the house, he sells very low.

Pam and Rod move in, and plan the layout, including using the large windowed room on the second floor as Rod's music room. But in the room they feel such a chill. And it feels so damp. Rod can feel is mod drop temporarily in the room.

They also find that the dog wants nothing to do with the home's second floor.

Later, Rod meets Stella. She tries to explain why she was so brusque about him and his sister buying the house. It was her childhood home. It was also where her mother died. Ever since then, her grandfather has tried to keep her away from the place, but she's just drawn to it.

As Pamela and Rod stay, they notice the oddities of the house. The strange drafts. The cries that seem to come from an indeterminate place. And a smell.

Later, when they have Stella visit, she's oddly affected by the home. She's drawn to euphoria, and then despair. Then she loses her senses, finally passing out.

So they try and discover what is happening in the house. So we get some old fashion spirit contact. (Back in the day when this was not a common movie trope.)

But it is clear. This all goes back to mom.

And it connects to the cliffs near the house. They've seen death. Will they see more?

You do know that there's only one way to find out?

Watch this movie.

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