Thursday, October 30, 2014

Treats to come on Halloween

It's an odd thing. People often like to put down the candy corn.

Is it a silly name? Yes. Is it an odd shape? Yup. Is it a weird color choice? Of course.

But does it taste bad? No. It's fine. I wouldn't want to sit and eat a bag of it. It isn't that good. Besides, that's a bag of sugar.

But the attitude towards it is odd.

As a counterpoint, remember this from your Halloweens nights?

A popcorn ball. If you've never seen it before passed to you as you Trick or Treated about, it is a thing you could get.

Why? I can't fathom. They are dreadful. It's like seeing a rice cake as a treat.

Sure, you can add flavor. But still...


So I hope no kids will be getting that Halloween night.

On the plus side I actually have seen a new treat that, to me, is kind of cool.

Caramel Apple. And it works. Surprised me, but it actually has a nice taste to it.

Something good came from this Halloween season.

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