Thursday, October 09, 2014

John Oliver and Civil Forfeiture

Last Week Tonight again touches on troubling processes in the United States. This time around, Civil Forfeiture.

Through it, police are supposed to be able to confiscate and use resources from criminals.

But that's not how it's actually used much of the time...

I think one police chief put it well.

Pennies from heaven?

They want to buy stuff...for vital police work, honest.

And to get the money the want, they just target people who are carrying money and aren't going to be able to push back. It's netted police forces more billions of dollars.

Police will actually quiz people about if they are carrying any large sums of cash. There's an eagerness to find a big jackpot. Ka Ching!

Then there's the houses taken, and the cars taken. It seems rather easy to snatch up property from people.

Tens of thousands of these people go on to face no charges. They are expected to just move along. But they aren't getting the cash back. But if they are lucky they may pay a fine to get back some property. Of course efforts to get back property mean facing an adversarial system.

How is this not troubling to more people? How are people not outraged to have laws like this on the book? How is this not called corruption?

As a final word. Tenny Mucho Mucho Dinero In Su Trucky-Trailer?

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