Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Horror Of...The Nanny (Not that one! It's from 1965.), In Short

Ah, The Nanny...

No! Stop! Not that one!

This is something from the realm of Hammer Horror. A 1965 tense horror movie. It centers on the great Bette Davis, as the eponymous Nanny.

In the...Are you still playing The Nanny TV theme in your head still? Well, the movie centers on a family that is disintegrating. The nanny is helping keep the wake of the tragic drowning of the toddler daughter in the family.

In the wake of the death, the family is barely that.

My god. This guy is beautifully representing the stiff uptight British father

Father is consumed by work and business travel. He has little patience for the continuing trouble.

Mother has fallen to pieces. She can't take of herself, let alone anyone else. The Nanny has become her caretaker, and replacement in running the house.

Joey, the son and remaining child, is troubled. He lashes out and is angry. In the wake of his sister's death, he was institutionalized in a place for troubled children. Now he's returned home. You see, after discovering her body, everyone believes that he murdered his sister. But Joey had a different story, and still does. It was the Nanny.

And as the movie progresses, and the danger rises again. A small figure haunts the story. The little daughter. We flashback to her last day, and we loom closer and closer to the moment she dies, and just how she dies.

And the family lurches towards it's reckoning.

Along the way Joey has one friend. The older girl upstairs chooses to believe him, and help him. (She's a bit of a rebel.)

But help or not, what will the Nanny do?

You know how you can find out.

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