Thursday, October 09, 2014

Creeping Up On Halloween With Mickey Mouse And The Scary Toons!

[This post has been updated to tie it to the other Creeping Up On Halloween posts. Title and labeling have changed.]

Time for bit of history and horror. Not so much text material, but multimedia. We've already had some fun with the Muppets at Halloween. Now it's time for the Minions of the Mouse. Reprobate of the Rat.

Back in the day, Disney liked to put out a variety of cartoon shorts. And among them was the occasional weird or creepy ones. Kids will always love a little scare.

So here's a sample for the House of Mouse.

The Mad Doctor - Starring Mickey Mouse, can he save Pluto before it's too late?

The Skeleton Dance - Just what it sounds like.

The Haunted House - Mickey again, and some more skeletons that love to dance.

And for something different...

Trick or Treat - Starring the Huey, Louie, and Dewey, and Donald Duck. Time for Uncle Donald to learn another lesson.

And finally...

Lonesome Ghost - Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and Goofy, the trio decide to hunt down some ghosts in an old house. It's a classic to me. Had a little player device that I played a tape of this on when I was little.

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