Thursday, October 23, 2014

Remember the Treehouse of Horror 23 title sequence?

Will we open this year's show much like 2011's? With parody. Let's see.

We open in...Chichen Itza? That is new.

It's looking a lot like Springfield, old sights and faces.

The leaders of the community(including Bumblebee Man, I guess) are discussing the "imminent" doom of the world in so many baktun.

But they have a cunning plan to save the future. They've chosen a special sacrifice to fatten up to appease the gods.


Marge has been taking care of, and fattening up Homer. She praises him for the sacrifice he is making, being their sacrifice. And after years, Homer gets what is about to happen to him. He is panicked.

But Marge has a plan to save him. First, she seduces Moe when he comes to take Homer to his death.

Next she gets him to put a bag on his head before they have sex.

Then she opens a secret passage, and ushers him out to the executioner.

(Secret doors? Starting to feel like I'm watching Doctor Who and the Aztec. But let's not go down the road where we wonder how historically accurate this all is.)

Quick enough Moe's time is up.

And Bart kicks out the ceremonial head.

Later the leaders realize that the wrong man is dead. The world is doomed!

Frink makes the calculations for how long the world has.

His answer is 2012. And everyone seems pretty happy about that. Hey, it'll be someone else's problem.

As Quimby declares, "And it will be Obama's fault!" Still a joke with relevance, sadly.

Cutting to 2012, we see the Simpson's house at Halloween. I do like the mailbox dressed as Death.

Homer is setting his watch and asks Marge what baktun it is.

Outside he doesn't find kids.

He finds angry gods.

And they step on Homer.

They begin smashing everything.

They even toss the famous metal donut out...

..into space. They nearly hit Kang and Kodos, who are dressed up for Halloween. (I think seeing the state of things, they decide to not stay and quip.)

Soon the gods move on from Springfield.

And now they go after world monuments, as any self-respecting monster does.

Done with there work, they sit back for a moment before leaving.

Soon the Earth just explodes.

Out of the rubble appears out title.

This is another enjoyable episode. It plays with the excitement over the goofy theories (and there were a number) that the world would end during 2012. One of the theories centered on the Mayans and a obvious misunderstanding of their ancient calendar system. So now we know the real problems come down to Homer and Marge.

Ancient Mayan Springfield was fun. Springfield being destroyed by angry gods is also nice. It's silly. It's an opening that doesn't drag.

This year's episodes include...



which gives us...



and even...

Now on to YEAR XXIV!

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