Monday, October 06, 2014

Creeping Up On Halloween With The Muppets

[I've updated a lost video, and now relabeled and named this to be part of the Creeping Up On Halloween posts.]

It's October, so we need plenty of horror. And what better for this than the Muppets. Always a good source for your Halloweening needs.

They can help you get the right foods ready.

The Swedish Chef vies with some pumpkins.

And then help monsters find friends.

A monster who wants friends...and to eat.

Help monsters get company.

Fozzie and Gonzo visit the House of Horror.

And then figure out how to just deal with the monsters.

Madeline Kahn and some monster trouble.

Along the way we can go hunting.

Beaker goes on a ghost hunt.

Afterwarrds it's time for some songs.

Alice Cooper sings "Welcome To My Nightmare".


Vincent Price sings "You'll Have A Friend".


Alice Cooper sings "School's Out".

And how can it be Halloween without this?

Kermit gets a bite.

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