Saturday, October 04, 2014

The Horror Of...Witchboard, In Short

Time for a healthy does of 80's horror. A good chance you haven't see this one. But even if you have, this would make a good watch this October (or whenever you read this).

And seeing as a similar new movie is about to come out in theaters, let's get into some ouija.

Now I don't really care for ouija and the attempts to try and make them look scary in real life or paranormal reality TV. But this is a horror movie. So yeah, ouija is all evil. And so is Parker Brothers.

In the movie our evil ouija ends up bringing evil spirits into the lives of Tawney Kitaen as Linda Brewster. She seems to find ouija a little too interesting

The ouija board, played by the ouija board, who is just the darnedest scamp.

Todd Allen as Jim Morar. He's Linda's boyfriend who spends most of the movie being sullen and angry.

Stephen Nichols as Brandon Sinclair. He's Linda's ex-boyfriend and Jim's ex-best friend. He's the expert on ouija, who brings the board into the others lives. Brandon spends most of the movie being smug and obnoxious.

And then there's Zarabeth, played by Kathleen Wilhoite. Zarabeth is fully aware that she's the coolest person in the movie (Not that see cares, or anything.).

So with the evil spirits active people start dying in curious ways.

Can they get the spirits back in the board? Who will 80's who? And will Brandon and Jim rebuild their awesome childhood friendship?

Only one way to find out.

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