Sunday, October 05, 2014

Flash sprints onto TV again.

The Flash is almost about to make his return to our TV's! Just in time for Halloween, but too late for costumes that I could wish I could wear.

But what does that matter? The Flash is about to return. Hopefully this time his series will have a far longer run. Flash is a hero built for endurance.

So let's consider what we are getting with this new series.

It ties into the already existing Arrow series, and will be running in tandem every week. Granted The Flash will be on a day earlier, but that guy is always in a rush.

The series follows on the Flash's (Barry Allen) appear on Arrow. And accident occurred at S.T.A.R. Labs during an experiment. The resulting accident causes a lightening bolt that strikes Barry Allen at his work. This results in Barry (played by Grant Gustin) being left comatose for some time.

But when he awakens, he is different. Soon he discovers he's fast. Faster than anyone else alive.

So he works with S.T.A.R. Labs to understand what has happen to him. Also, to help find others like him that were affected by the accident.

This series follows on the 1990's series of The Flash. It's not a continuation, obviously, but it again places the speedster in his hometown, fighting crime. Also like that show it ties Barry to S.T.A.R. Labs. Though this time around he has more support than a single scientist, Tina McGee.

This time around Barry is aided by the head of the labs, and two of his scientists. The head of the lab is Harrison Wells (played by Tom Cavanagh). The two scientist are Caitlin Snow (played by Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco Ramon (played by Carlos Valdes). These two have a history of their own with the DC Comics Universe.

Barry and Iris.

They also will this time around incorporate Iris West (played by Candice Patton), who has a long comic book history with Barry Allen. In the show he will have lived in her home, along with her police detective father, Joe West, (played by Jesse Martin) since he was a child.

Among the other supporting and guest stars the show will have are the two leads from the 1990's show. John Wesley Shipp and Amanda Pays. Shipp looks to be playing Barry Allen's father.

While I am not fond of the current version of Flash's origin, they will be using that. (As created by Geoff Johns, who is co-producing, writing, and advising on the show.) This origin has Barry's mother murdered while he was a child. He came across her, as red and yellow blurs flashed around her dead body. His father is accused and convicted of murder, and is still in prison as the show starts. Barry is convinced, based on what he saw, that his father is innocent. So he has spent his life investigating the murder, and trying to free his father.

This and his experiences with Joe West leads Barry Allen into the field of forensics.

As the show progresses the Flash will build a rogues gallery. The first episode is going to offer him a chance to race against the Weather Wizard. Many more powerful foes will arise and push the Flash to his limits.

I hate to say anything more before the first episode shows. There are theories I may have, and there are some aspects of characters I want to wait to get into.

So unless we both can run fast enough to jump forward in time, we'll see what I think of the first episode once it's shown. (It's even going to be an extended episode, with added scenes being newly added in this last month.)

But here's the extended trailer that came out some months back, if you need a brief jolt of the Flash.

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