Thursday, September 25, 2014

Trailers in Short - TV Heroes Make a Return Edition

Time for some heroes on the old TV. Will the Arrow hit the mark? Will the 1960's Batman drain my back account?

Arrow - Season 3

Some have laughed at the show. Others have grown to actually love the show. Arrow is one of those shows that is on an interesting path. They want to tell the tale of Oliver Queen in their own way. A man on a mission who grows into the role of a hero over many dangers, obstacles, and enemies.

It also has a love of making use of a rather unbelievable past. Queen spent quite some time of that island alone. But not. We've gotten the story of a far more bizarre truth of what has honed Queen, and what is coming from that past to haunt him again.

It's not for everyone. But for fans it can be fun. And this year they begin expanding the boundaries with the start of The Flash. Metahumans are now on the table for Arrow to face.

And, it looks like we'll be seeing Ra's al Ghul emerge. And Ray Palmer! (There's even a rumor that Ted Kord could be involved.)

It's interesting to see a second area where DC Comics is allowing the DC Universe's characters to start flourishing. Maybe if the Supergirl and Teen Titans shows make it to air they will be allowed to connect? It will be interesting if, when the Dawn of Justice is done, they plan on connecting the movies to the shows. We'll just have to see.

Classic Batman

It's taken far too long for this show to get onto ANY media format, besides TV repeats. But it' finally come.

What else can you say? Flippin' heck, Boy Wonder.

Now I need a fiendish plan to earn the money to afford 3 seasons of a show on Blu Ray. Hoo! Hoo! How delightful, my malodorous motley meandering readers.

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