Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 1

One way to enjoy your Halloween is to have traditions. Sometimes it's a place, or a food. Sometimes it's one or more movies. A good horror series also makes for a nice tradition, particularly if it's one you can binge on windy nights.

And among the recent new series that could prove worthwhile to you is...

Ash Vs Evil Dead.

The series is a continuation of sorts to the Evil Dead movie series. Hey, they never properly sync up as it is, so more or less. We return to the life and times of Ashley Williams. Stock clerk subpar, demon destroyer extraordinaire.

The series is the creation of Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, and Tom Spezialy. It returns us to Ash's life 30 some years since the Evil Dead movies. Ash is getting older. But the past still haunts him. The deaths of all those around him in those films, including friends, family, and loved ones haunt him. So he tries to run as hard as he can from the reality that hangs around his neck.

So the joker, who grew more goofy every movie is a survivor who's mind is doing what it can to stay intact.

So sex, booze, drugs, and groovy music.

But it all makes him look like something of a sad old fool.

Not that Ash cares. Life is good, for now.

But, as always, the Deadites don't stay away. And they give him a warning. They are coming for him.

And now Ash is freaking out. The fun is over. He has to run.

He runs and finds the book just where he left it. It's relief since that means no ones gone and read from it again.

But then his mind flashes back to a drunken drug filled night he spent with a young lady. To impress her, he showed her the book. In his addled state, he got her to read some passages from it.

So, yeah. He's fucked up again.

Elsewhere in the state. State trooper is checking a disturbance with her partner. Amanda Fisher is trying to take it slow and easy as they check out the dark house out in the woods.

They find the occupant, who twists her head around to talk to them.

It attacks them, killing her partner. She manages to shoot it in the head. But then her partner pops up and starts to taunt and attack her.

She's forced to kill him.

And this leads to her being put on leave. Many of her fellow officers think she snapped and killed her partner.

She just doesn't know what happened. And she keeps seeing people who's faces change on her. She's worried she might be going mad.

But she meets up with Ruby, a mysterious woman who seems to know a lot about this stuff. She explains that it is a real. And it is all the fault of Ashley Williams.

Ruby is a piece of work. Focused. Cool. Deadly to Deadites.

Back in Ash's life, he's trying to skip town fast. He wants to figure out the book, turn it off again, and not have to fight the Deadites ever again.

So he's hoping to get paid early, and skip out on work. But the boss says no.

At work, he has one ally. Pablo Simon Bolivar. He is an eager fan of Ash, believing he is special, somehow. He covers for Ash, bails him out, and gives him encouragement.

New to the store is Kelly Maxwell. She's a neighbor of Pablo who he helped get the job. She is completely unimpressed with Ash and his Ashiness.

But soon they will have to rely on each other as Deadite troubles arise and chase them down. When the chips are down, Ash the hero comes out, and Pablo has his faith proven and Kelly sees what he can actually accomplish.

But the key to doing Evil Dead stories in movie and TV is one thing (comedy is great, but it was never an absolute). Gore and horror.

And this series brings it weird and wild.

Thankfully this is a cable series so we see terrible things, and the blood is everywhere.

And you need death. Death is pervasive in the series. Ash and the gang are trying to save the world (and themselves), but the cost is high. Damn high.

But if you want HOURS of new fresh Evil Dead fun and terror this Halloween, be sure to watch Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 1. You might even find time to check out Season 2.

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