Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Horror Of...The Witching Season - Killer on the Loose

The modern age offers us many paths to horror. Some it may be better to leave untrodden. But online the web of paths can be confusing. But also sometimes rewarding.

In 2014 Michael Balif started a production company. The Witching Season. The intent was to use it to create a horror anthology consisting of short films. The result has so far been 5 such films. Scary tales to light our way through a dark marathon night.

This trailer, while revealing nothing about the shorts, is such a great snapshot of how most of us like to imagine Halloween. The pumpkins. The mist. The leaves. The pagentry of Halloween. And the music evokes such a great John Carpenter vibe.

And being at most 15 minutes long, you have few excuses to not plunge in for the grim and gorey goodness being put out for you. Feast on the dread.

The Witching Seasons productions can be enjoyed though their website or their Youtube channel.

Here's the movie playlist and commentary playlist.

The first of their films is Killer on the Loose.

The story opens on Halloween night. And you'll never guess what's happen. There's a killer on the loose.

One young woman is already running in terror, coming out of the woods, blood splattered on her, looking for a place to hide. She hears her pursuer close by, and is desperate to escape, when she spies a house.

She stumbles through the Halloween scene, and makes her way into the house, and takes a moment to breath and think.

But danger is coming quite soon.

Quite soon indeed.

Can she find the strength to make her stand?

You'll have to give this short film a watch to learn this Halloween. After all, this is the witching season.

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