Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Justice League Action - "Trick or Treat"

Another morning, another bowl of Count Chocula, and another chance to delve into superheroes and horror.

This time we can delve into a more recent DC series that would fit nicely into the old Saturday Morning format. Justice League Action.

And the shows has a Halloween episode!

"Trick or Treat"

First we get to meet Caine, who is the caretaker of the House of Mystery. A strange house that moves around in time and space, seemingly of it's own will. And this night the house has landed once again, and a tale is emerging.

It's Halloween, and kids are running around town. Among them is a group of kids dressed at Batman, Zatanna, Doctor Fate, and John Constantine.

They are enjoying Halloween, looking through their candy haul. Constantine takes to some rock candy on a stick. Though some of them are annoyed to have gotten toothbrushes. Batman is pleased to see someone care about their tooth care. But he also vows to later egg the house.

They then see some bullies dressed as army men picking on a kid dressed as a black cat.

They feel the need to get involved. Each one helps to outwit and overwhelm the larger kids.

And now they realize that they might actually have some powers due to their costumes.

The kid in the cat suit thanks them, then tells them the bullies have been storing stolen candy (and other property of the local kids) in the creepy old house down the way. The House of Mystery.

They head to the house and try to figure out how to get in.

At the same time the cat kid reveals that he set the bullies on himself. He then returns the bullies to there true form, as rats. He then waits for the heroes to get in the house.

Once in the house, the cat pounces. With magic, it seals the door to the house, and then sends the kids flying deep into the house.

Soon creatures rise all around them, trying to capture them. So they have to run.

Finally, they find themselves in a room with a mirror. Zatanna and Doctor Fate realize it is one that reveals truth. They actual are the Justice League.

The cat appears in the room, and reveals his identity. Klarion the Witch Boy.

He laughs at how he's run them around.

Doctor Fate remembers what happen. He'd sensed the House of Mystery appear, and the League went in to be sure no one accidentally entered the House.

Klarion reveals he took the chance to attack and turn the League into kids. Then he trapped them in the House. Now he will finish the effort by taking the Helm of Fatem and leaving the group trapped in the House.

With this helmet Klarion becomes quite powerful.

Constantine acts by taking hot cinnamon candy and turning them into a flaming hot spell. He then throws it at the helmet, knocking it from Klarion.

Klarion tussles with Constantine and Fate to get the helmet back. Batman pushes Zatanna to try a spell, but she's worried her braces will stop her.

After sending more monsters at the League, he sends his cat in tiger form at them.

Zatanna is finally able to pronounce a spell to stop the cat.

Doctor Fate gets his helmet, and Batman has him end this.

They force the House to expel them.

And then the clocks strike midnight, and the House starts to leave.

Klarion runs at the team to strike again, but Zatanna seals the door in his face.

When the House disappears, and is Klarion gone, the team is restored to normal.

And Constantine pesters Batman about his 10 year old self.

A fun and short Halloween tale, Just the right thing to watch with your creepy cereal, as you start your creepy day.

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