Friday, October 13, 2017

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Friday the 13th, In Short

It being Friday the 13th, it would be hard to not include some Friday the 13th into any marathon. And it is tempting to turn to Jason Goes to Hell, as it stars John LeMay, who also starred in Friday the 13th the Series.

But it's hard not to go back to the classics first. And everyone owes it to themselves to start at the start. So it's back to 1980 and...

Friday the 13th.

The story starts back in the Summer of 1958. Camp Crystal Lake is open for business.

Camp Counselors are hanging out and relaxing.

But a couple of them slip off to fool around.

And we know what that means. Marty has to make sure they have sex that night, so he'll exist.

No. It's Death. Murder. Dismemberment. Established 1958.

We flash forward, 80's style and we see a new Summer season come to the Crystal Lake area.

Since the murders in 1958 the camp closed. But it's back, under the management of Steve Christy. He's brought in a crop of young folk to back as camp counselors. Ned. Jack. Bill. Marcie. Brenda, and Alice.

"Listen, it's my camp. So the uniform is going to be
boots, shorts, and a kerchief."

Another, Annie, is on her way, but she's late. She is hitching her way there, and that never goes wrong. Among her rides is with a person who never has their face shown, and is mostly in shots where it is all from their point of view.

"...No. No ones ever told me my head would look beautiful rolling
down a hill..."

Things end poorly for Annie when the cameraman turns viciously on her.

And then we have Crazy Ralph. He's a local that has got it all figured out.


No, wait. Death curses. Since that poor kid died at the camp back in '58, the place has been doomed. Murder and death have haunted the place. So he warns them all repeatedly. Get out! Your all dead!

And when the point of view camera starts stalking the camp next, you know things aren't looking up.

The kids are working to get the camp setup, and then relaxing and getting to each other.

But that darn point of view is getting closer as darkness spreads and a storm comes in.

A little hint. 1958 might make for a good test case for what is about to happen. So be sure to check this out and get in on the ground floor of slasher film shenanigans.

Otherwise, I'll tell mom.

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