Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Phineas and Ferb - "Night of the Living Pharmacist"

On the one hand, I think we all need some more toons. But on the other hand, have we had enough zombies? I don't know. This Halloween needs some more more cartoons, but how can I work zombies in? In a fun way.

Phineas and Ferb.

"Night of the Living Pharmacists"

As you might notice in watching this episode we are seeing a different look to the opening for this story. It's a full break from the show's song, and a pivot into a fun 60's Alfred Hitchcock opening. It's a nice visual. And the music choice really sells it.

The episode is an October release from 2014. An extended special episode, where the city of Danville goes to the pharmacists.

Isabella shows up at Phineas and Ferb's house to chat with them. As a Fireside Girl, she is dedicated to earning her badges. For the latest one she needs to address emotional honesty. So she wants to talk to Phineas. (Ooo! Kissy kissy!)

But he is, yet again lost in his latest project, and oblivious. Then Baljeet and Buford arrive.

The new project is to make you skin elastic and pliable like a rubber ball. It sounds horrifying, But the plan is to allow them all to bounce around like rubber balls. For fun!

Meanwhile, Perry is being sent on a new mission. Danville is opening a massive new water tower. It's right beside Doofenshmirtz's tower. And it is being opened by Doof's brother, the mayor. And Doof loves any chance to show his brother up.

Perry needs to watch him.

Elsewhere, Candace is at the mall, skimming magazines. She's off on her own as her friend Stacy is stuck trying to install a new home entertainment system at home (She'll be oblivious to everything happening tonight, as she's dealing with this.).

Candace is eager to get in with someone cool, and then sees Vanessa Doofenshmirtz. She tells Candace she's having a movie party with her friends, and then she invites Candace to come over.

Perry arrives at Doof's tower, and is quickly caught in a disco trap. Then Doof shows off his new Inator.

The Repulse-Inator. If hit by it, you become super repulsive. And it's just the thing to use on his super popular brother. And when his brother is ruined, Doof will soon be ruling the Tri-State. ...It'll work!

At Phineas and Ferb's place, they finish the device, and soon all the kids are bouncing off. And around town, and off tall buildings. ...Was anyone surprised when they ended up existing in the Marvel Universe?

At Doof Tower, Perry escapes the trap and starts a fight. Doof explains his daughter is having a party and asks if they can keep it quiet.

So Perry gets some pillows so they can pillow fight. But...

...the Inator goes off, and overloads. It strikes the mayor, and begins to turn him into the most repulsive things imaginable.

A copy of Doof.

Doof sees the cosmic joke on him here.

But the changed mayor reaches out and touches his aide...

...and she changes to. His repulsiveness is contagious!

Now it's spreading quickly across the city.

The kids stop to ask what has happen, and they learn. Pharmacists! Pharmacists are attacking people!

The kids struggle to not be seen. When they are attacked, they realize their rubber qualities are keeping them safe. But their new powers are also starting to wear off.

Doof wants to sit back and enjoy his success, but it starts to occur to him that his daughter is also at risk.

The kids get home, but find their powers are gone. Worse, the pharmacists swarmed through an destroyed their device.

At Doof Tower, Vanessa, Candace, and the other girls get attacked. They run to hide in Vanessa's room. Vanessa is calm., but the other cool kids all freak out. Candace is matter of fact in all of this as it is a normal day for her at this point.

Perry and Doof get to safety, but things are grim. Power is out. Water is out. The telephones are down. The parents have been turned. OWCA has fallen. The other animal agents are turned. They are all alone.

The kids convert old rubber items in the house into clothes to protect themselves.

The Fireside Girls develop disguises to get around.

And Isabella has been doing research. She studied the starting point of the outbreak and determined they need to get into Doof Tower to find answers.

So the kids are off through an infested city.

Perry spots them and covertly distracts the pharmacists in their path away. He nearly is lost, but Doof pulls him out in a helicopter. He's decided he is completely done with this scheme. He can't stand being around himself.

So now everyone is meeting up (Perry staying out of sight.) and trying to put their brains together.

Can any of them survive? Is their an antidote? Will Isabella win that badge?

You'll have to watch and see.

Okay, it's a cartoon. But they do have fun playing with a dark ending, just to screw with us.

Walled City of Danville will be A-OK! The world...You might want to call SHIELD.

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