Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Ghosted - Episode 2 Bee-Mo

I have already covered the pilot of the new series Ghosted. So how can I resist coming back to look at the second episode of the series? Particularly when it's a Halloween episode?

So once more into the world of Ghosted.

Previously, Leroy and Max, were grabbed by the Bureau Underground to solve the mystery of a missing agent. They discovered an unclear plot by transdimensional aliens. After their experience, they asked to stay and work with the Bureau, and they were welcomed into the organization. Then Max saw a screen that showed his missing wife, who was hospitalized after an abduction experience.

Opening this episode, Max has not seen his wife yet, but will be allowed to see her in a few days. So the episode keeps itself separated from the series larger mysteries. That will come in the next episode. Instead we get to experience a different sort of paranormal threat, to help further expand the show's world.

We see the Leroy and Max out on a day off from the Bureau. It's Halloween and Leroy wanted to see his dead partner's son, Jermaine, and keep his promise to look after the kid. Max has nothing to do, so he's thrilled to be included in Leroy's plans.

Jermaine though as plans of his own. He's dressed up for Halloween, but not so he can trick or treat. He wants to go to a party that his mom forbade him from going to.

Elsewhere in the city, a man is discovering what looks like a hell beast to him. The 911 call he makes is routed to the Bureau Underground.

But it's Halloween at the Bureau Underground. That means things are a little crazy. A full moon. A meteor shower. A werewolf sighting. A destination wedding. It's a crazy paranormal night.

So the place is being taxed, and all of their agents are in the field. And when this call comes in, Lafrey activates Leroy and Max to go and check it out. She's superfocused on the chaos around her, and quickly moving assets where they are needed.

But they've already picked up Jermaine, and need to take him with them. As they look around, the kid sneaks from the car, and spots a cat. He goes to check it out, and is scratched. They go back to the car, and Jermaine starts acting weird, his eyes start glowing. He then kicks the door off the car and runs away.

They realize the cat must be the creature. They inform  the Bureau of the situation, and try to find Jermaine. They realize he's likely running to the party he wanted to go to.

So they race off. Lafrey sends Barry and Annie to give act as support at the party. They go in without backup first, and meet one kid who is foaming at the mouth and hostile. Leroy hits her with a vase. They then exit.

Before going back in, Leroy and Max are giving some body armor and tranquilizer guns by Annie.

Inside, the lights are off and it's quite quiet. Then the kids start appearing, foaming at the mouth and growling. They jump at the guys and Leroy starts tranquilizing the kids, and Max keeps jumping and missing.

By the end, Leroy is fighting with Jermaine, and tranquilizes him as he runs across the street. Max is able to help finally, taking one of his missed tranquilizer shots, to dose another victim (the mom) sneaking up on Leroy.

They then send the kids to the Bureau to get treatment. (Barry caught the cat and synthesized an antidote.)

Leroy and Max start driving back, and the both get paranoid that Max might have been bit.

Then Leroy shows he was the one bit, and tries to get Max. Luckily Annie tracked them, and knocks Leroy out.

At the Bureau the night starts calming down, and they create a cover story for what happen to the kids. Bad party dip got everyone sick.

Leroy and Jermaine have a moment to talk and be open. And Leroy gets to feel his strengthening their bond.

So two episodes into Ghosted. The show made the choice to not move show mythology forward, which I appreciated. We got some Halloween fun. And we gave the show and actors a little more time to settle into their roles.

And the show continues to keep things fun and simple. We have one overriding plot that we follow. We get some Lafrey interludes, but they help space things out, and offers humorous breathers.

Suffice to say, it's an enjoyable way to spend a half hour. But now I look forward to seeing the mythology of the transdimensional aliens and just what happened Max's wife.

I will say it was a little odd how Max was almost trying to flirt to Annie, as we are still dealing with his wife issues. It may be that this episode was originally planned to appear later in the run, when it was first written up. But it seems as likely Max's conversation fit into the general way that he is desperate to be seen as cool by people he is a bit in awe of (Leroy and Annie).

If my description of this show is at all interesting, please check this show out, I hate seeing fun little show die early seasonal deaths.

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