Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rove's World

Crooks and Liars: (with video)
Rove: If we were to give up Iraq with the third largest oil reserves in the world to the control of an Al Qaida regime or to the control of Iran, don’t you think $200 a barrel oil would have a cost to the American economy?
Rove calls Senator Barack Obama a “Neo-Isolationist” for daring to say that we shouldn’t have invaded Iraq in the first place (repeatedly misrepresenting Obama’s withdrawal plans) then goes on to say that we must stay in Iraq because we can’t let the third largest oil reserves in the world to fall into the hands of an Al Qaeda-led Iraq — which is a giant red herring considering Iraq’s government is dominated by Shiites who would never allow a few thousand Sunnis who call themselves Al Qaeda to take over their country under any circumstances. There’s absolutely no data to suggest this could ever happen and in fact, our presence there is merely perpetuating the problem.

No facts can penetrate his arguments. And McCain will be more than happy to use this talking point, regardless of its separation from reality.

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