Saturday, August 15, 2009

Healthcare: The fear for the speakers

How about the state of things for those trying to meet with citizens and learn and also share information.

Kansas democrats are not moving ahead with town halls, due to threats.

Illinois's Rep. Biggert has struggled to meet needs and be safe, and many that want to go are scared of what could happen to them.

But for the Republicans it seems with the media focus almost exclusively on Dems have felt little need to have town halls or connect. Grassley had one, mostly to heap praise on himself. Vitter has to, with the audience carefully screened and the questions even more carefully screened.

Ann Coulter has placed Rahm Emanuel's brother, the doctors on her death list. The Right has tried to claim he wants to kill the ill, even as he has a long history of fighting for and defending patient rights.

Crooks and Liars looked at the ginning up of anger that is scaring so many of us, with video of Rachel Maddow.

The 'Tea Party' nexus: Mainstream conservatives empowering far-right extremists who want a new civil war (C&L)

Props to Ed Schultz for calling out the actions in this mob mentality at the meetings.

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