Saturday, August 15, 2009

What the Health Care?

I have been slow to talk about the current health care debate as it is so overwhelming. The yelling. The screaming. The lying. The spinning. The numbers sucking it all up.

It is unnerving and flat out depressing.

Here is a taste, if you have missed it from TPMtv.

How is this the crap selling with the public. Are people really moved by deranged anger and panicky claims of doom? Is the worst about us true?

In the end is this us?

Can't we be better?

Meanwhile, the Right does epic work to stir the hatred, the fear, and the irrational view of the president. Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh have done yeoman's work towards this end. People are going out armed. The far right hate groups are burgeoning again, using Pres. Obama as an excuse, and finding FOX and the RNC doing their best to support their fears.

Though I am happy to see Gov. Howard Dean on Countdown last night. He was calm and rational. He was hopeful that it could work out. I can only hope we can set things right and start helping people in this country.

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