Saturday, August 15, 2009

The White Houses voice in the Health Care fight.

So far we have had 2 town halls with him, which is good. But then there has been the hostility from people like Chief of Staff Rahm, complaining about Dems in the field laying criticism of Blue Dogs. I can;t fully fathom the point of this, as the quid pro quo back from Blue Dogs seems to be pretty slight.

Then on TPM a reader talks about what is missing as he canvases around Ohio. Noted is the lack of pointing out the hard work Dems on social issues, helping workers not hurting them. Also about who has been working to fix health care and who has not. Is there no fight to bring these points to the forefront.

And he notes this about the Obama outreach groups.

These are the conversations that I'm having with the people I canvass, and the only "propaganda" material I have from Organizing for America are glossy photos of Obama with precious little information of the kind I'm suggesting.


Where is the outreach? What is it being saved for?

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