Sunday, August 16, 2009

This week in Sundays

I was up this morning and caught some Sunday mornin' sermonin'. And what can one say about the show put's quite wacky!

On one show guy is doing almost a weird dance, without actually moving. He was whipping his hands around in the face of his congregant...cause he's got a secret. Apparently God doesn't just blather out all his plans and the ways he wants to help you...cause the devil might hear and just ruin things. Which would make the devil pretty damn powerful, tougher than God it seems. Plus he always foils things and pain in the back side. So he's like Principal Skinner always trying to ruin Bart Simpsons day, though God is more the Skinner type ain't he. But this guy is dancing and smugging it up, and the audience loves it. I swear it was like watching The Music Man.

Another channel had lady with a book to hawk. Did you know you aren't praying right? I mean obviously us atheist are, but most everyone else is to. So she wrote a big old book to teach you how to do it right...cause if we all's magic time. Really, would a holy person lie to you?

Another show has a guy showing another prayer to promote that apparently shunts God right into...kind of like a booty call, I guess.

How about the guy warning we need to follow God, and not follow those witches...riiiiiight.

How can this stuff be taken seriously? It is like watching a time share promotion. If you need anymore proof of this look at the stuff that leads into and follows this stuff: infomercials for real estate, alt meds, etc. They know their markets, and their marks.

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