Sunday, August 16, 2009

Remote Area Medical

Have you heard of it? It is new trend in the U.S. free care for the uninsured and under insured.

But where is the media coverage? Why aren't we discussing the state of a nation using medical services usually sent in to save citizens of Third World nations? This is a tragedy. This is a travesty.

The Real Time series sent Dana Gould to look at this and the people screaming and going red faced at the town halls. In one place well off people enraged about changes to their health care for, hopefully, the better. The other place the poor and middle class, just being stoic and trying to get the help they desperately need. Their is pain here.

But what do we hear when some of these town hall folks hear about someone in need? Get a better job. Get a degree. Join the Army. By which they mean, get out of my way. That is sad.

At Hullabaloo, they looked more that this unremarked on disparity in America.

I like this point:


...from Fred, in the comments:

"Obama should be at this event, talking to people and forcing the media to cover it. He should even invite/dare the three health care CEOs who told Congress they would still use recission to cut costs."


This is the human face of this systems failure. Why are we not forcing coverage of this? Why isn't this being done by the White House.

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