Saturday, August 15, 2009

Healthcare: Our Friend

Let us see one of those good friends helping in this debate:

"Chuck" Grassley

Let's see he has been a key ally, part of the negations, acting all friendly, and trying to get the best results...until he started bragging this week in Iowa how he was key in stalling the debate, negotiations, and momentum. He also has embraced blatant terrifying lies about the bill he was working towards. And he brought his fav Glenn Beck book to meeting to share... And through this all he seems to have managed to kill support for funding to help people get medical advise on end of life issues. He then compounds this by calling on religious faith in explaining and justifying his position..and by default, his duplicity.

Sadly the efforts of Chuck, and also Palin and Gingrich, has tainted and retarded the ever important national discussion of how, as a society and individual, deal with the that tail end of life. After Schiavo we seemed to grow up a bit. That is over. This is plain tragic.

But don't worry the Senate Dems will forgive' Senatetown.

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