Thursday, April 15, 2010

AIPAC, Israel, and the Dems

Have you seen this? 75 members of the Senate and 333 House members supported a complaint to the President and the State Dept. It is around the treatment and statements to PM of Israel. Really?

So as the president and Sec of State work to shape our relationship with Israel and the Mideast, these people want to stymie the work. So as the president doesn't kiss Netanyahu's ass and gives criticism, it is too much.

And it isn't just Reps. Oh no so many Dems as well. Many from places that are blue. Plus, the position of most Jews in the US is to support the approach that Obama is applying. So there is no excuse.

We want to see and point to the blind and clueless actions of Reps this year, and the Dems say, "Can we be dipshits to?" Nice, guys.

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