Thursday, April 15, 2010

King James and Demons

Interesting bit of history.

King James did many things in his life. Of note to us is the King James Bible, which most of us know well.

But he was also a guy obsessed with the occult and witches. Which was something he sought in his reign, torturing and trying many as witches. He amped up interest in it. He passed the Witchcraft Act. And it can also be seen in his version of the bible.
James’s legacy extends even into our age. The King James Bible, completed in 1611, saw the scriptures rewritten to further the King’s agenda. Exodus 22:18, originally translated as, “Thou must not suffer a poisoner to live,” became “Thou must not suffer a witch to live.”

So thanks to the this paranoid man, obsessed with the occult, witches, satanic plots caused a lot of suffering than and is still used and applied to this day all over the world. 

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