Sunday, April 04, 2010

More on TX, to continue the look at Church and State

It is worth coming back to this for the blogswarm period and to just reemphasize some points.

First, it is not too late to have some more involvement.  The last votes on the TX curriculum come next month.  The likes of the Texas Freedom Network can use help and support.  So stay aware, even if the news media is done with that cycle.

Next it is interesting to remind ourselves of the services that help establish the planned ridiculous religious ultraconservative approach.  Who did they ask to advise them?  

Professors from Austin or Houston?  Them? Psshaw!  

How about even Baylor?  Those biased types, no!  

No they got David Barton from Wall Builders.  A religious conservative group bent on twisting the popular view of history to define the US as Christian, now and forever.  He has even been caught offering quotes that have no proven point of origin...he says the founding fathers say all sorts of things.  So he is far from reputable, and far from the top scholar.  

And he is the expert that advised on these standards.

What results were they pushing for, hmm?

This story is not over, and it is up to us all to not let the media just let it die...along with history.

So get active.

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