Monday, April 19, 2010

Court choices

Listening to Jonathan Alter on Countdown, I agree with what the thinking is on what  Obama is contemplating for the Supreme Court.

The idea I have had is that I would like a Liberal on the court. We want to keep and push back on balance. It would feel great. But on 4-5 it ain't great.

So I have been thinking about moderates. I know, traitor!  But hear me out. What can a moderate do? Vote with conservatives? Yeah.

But what else? Vote with the liberals. And, possibly, if they are a sound legal mind, and good arguer, bring over one or two of the 5.

It may be a gamble. And it may be a dumb one. But it could be a long term key. And if Obama gets to replace a conservative judge later, all the better.

But as well I agree with the notion I don't want for left or far right justices. I want good, sound, honest, and thoughtful justices.

We should all want Good law from the Court. Not Left Law. Not Right Law. Republicans are having trouble seeing the differences. We need to be better at that.

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